Mountain Biking in Crested Butte

At the San Moritz, we welcome riders with open arms! After our remodel, our decks are much larger and serve as a nice, secure place to keep your bikes overnight. We also have bike racks in our parking lots and bike-washing stations conveniently located adjacent to our buildings to clean your bikes at the end of the day. Stay with us! Go biking from the San Moritz – a great staging area for any mountain biking. There are also great races to participate in or watch.

Trail 401, a local favorite. Watch this awesome YouTube video of Trail 401!
Check out this list of Crested Butte mountain bike rides.
Ride to Aspen over Pearl Pass.
Load up and go riding!

The San Moritz is a great place to stay if you want to come up and bike! Our decks and cleaning stations are there for you! Check out the Crested Butte Mountain Biking Association for trail reports and info about some great rides! Don’t forget if you are a beginner you can rent a bike at the base, ride a gradual cement trail to town thru fields of flowers, then put your bike on the Crested Butte bus and ride in comfort back up to the San Moritz. What a great way to go to town!

Ride the Rockies

Ride the Rockies is a non-competitive 412 mile tour throughout Colorado. There are 85 year olds on this ride! It is a long tour, not to be taken lightly.

Wildflower Rush

Crested Butte’s biggest race of the year, Wildflower Rush. Downhill and cross-country competitions make this the unofficial start of summer. The Cross Country race features a 10-mile cross-country course on the Butte’s legendary web of winding single track, climbing 1800 feet per lap.

The Downhill course will include steep single-track, fast roads, open ski runs and woody sections, while the “Super-D: will use a variety of challenging terrain.

Fat Tire Bike Week

Fat Tire Bike Week, the planet’s oldest mountain bike festival! There are different races on different days, so check the Fat Tire website for more info. For example, try the “Chainless Race” – put on a costume and just coast down to town.  Fat Tire Bike Week is for everyone!